Why Elete is the Superior Electrolyte?

Proven. Clinically tested and shown to be significantly more efficient for hydration vs. water alone
Balanced. Unlike sports drinks, elete provides four essential electrolytes to replace all of the minerals lost in sweat–not just sodium and potassium
Pure electrolytes. No sugars, calories, carbs to undermine health and fitness goals or that can cause GI upset
Versatile. Add elete to water to make pure electrolyte water or use it to transform any beverage into a sports drink. You can even add it to food
Economical. Elete’s pocket bottle makes 10, 32-oz. servings or 2.5 gallons of electrolyte-fueled hydration. elete’s 8 oz. refill costs less than half a penny per mixed ounce
Hydration-Pack Compatible. “For hydration packs, elete is a must.” –GearReview.com
Less waste for the environment. Besides being economical, elete uses less packaging than other products. elete’s pocket bottle makes 10, 16-oz. bottles of electrolyte drink. Plus, using the elete pocket bottle as a refillable flask and measuring tool, you can take and mix electrolytes anywhere you go–on or off the trail, at the gym, yoga class, etc. elete’s 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles provide a great value allowing you to easily refill the pocket bottle, which means more money in your pocket and less waste in the landfill.

Electrolytes are essential to our health.

They help our body absorb water and control fluid balance. Although drinking water during exercise is critical to avoid dehydration, drinking plain water that is not fortified with electrolytes can lead to a serious condition called hyponatremia. Hyponatremia occurs when blood sodium concentration falls to extremely low levels, which can result in seizures, coma, and death. Electrolytes not only prevent dehydration, but they’re critical to muscle function, nerve conduction, energy production and flow, and heart function. For the endurance athlete, a major benefit of electrolytes is that they help prevent muscle cramps, which can impede performance.

Athletes must be careful to avoid a shortage of electrolytes during training: Loss of electrolytes through sweat must be replaced, but most sports drink and electrolyte replacement supplements, powders, and gels ignore the fact that the body also uses an additional balance of minerals beyond sodium. One essential electrolyte is magnesium, which is necessary for energy production, muscle contraction, cardiovascular and respiratory function. Another important reason athletes need to supplement with a balance of electrolytes is that if minerals (electrolytes) become depleted, negative effects like cramping occur. Magnesium-not sodium-can help prevent muscle cramps.

Sweat contains more than sodium and potassium: While sodium and potassium are two important elements in sweat, they are not the only ones. Sweat also contains magnesium, chloride, and other trace minerals. So why hydrate with a sports drink that provides only one or two electrolytes?

It is better to replace electrolytes throughout activity: The best way to replace electrolytes is in moderated quantities every time you drink, not in short, concentrated bursts.

Sugar-laden sports drinks can be overwhelming: While carbohydrates are necessary for the body to manufacture energy, drinking sugar in every gulp fatigues the palette, causes nausea, and, in some instances, provides more calories than is necessary. Did you know that a serving of most sports drinks contains as much sugar as Kool-Aid* (*Kool-Aid is a registered mark of Kraft Foods Holdings, Inc.)?

Add elete to your water to make pure electrolyte water to replace water plus the essential electrolytes lost in sweat and activity. elete also converts any beverage into an instant electrolyte-replenishment beverage. Use elete with your preferred beverage (you can even add it to food) to replenish and increase the body’s store of essential electrolytes. In a recent study, electrolyte water made with elete was shown to be significantly more effecient at staying hydrated than plain water.

elete is the only electrolyte fully compatible with hydration systems: Unlike sports drinks or electrolyte-replacement powders or gels, elete can be added to your hydration system without negatively affecting the integrity of the bladder, hose, or valve. In addition, elete requires no more cleanup for your pack than plain water. In a recent review of elete, Gear Review.com stated, “For hydration packs, elete is a must.”