The SMART Bridle™ is what you have been looking for!! You can choose YOUR style and add or subtract parts to make it into the best fitting bridle for your horse! Completely adjustable: crown, browband, cheeks, throatlatch, connector, chinstraps. Almost all components can easily be replaced if broken. Completely convertible: The top part of the bridle is a headstall. Just add the style nose you want. The throatlatch is designed to lie behind the cheek bone so as to give you security and confidence. 3/4″ Beta Padding is used as an underlay on the crown, browband and noseband on all bridles.

All Beta Bridles are 5/8″ width
All others are 1/2″ width
All Bridles have 3/4″ Beta Padding (2nd color) under crown, browband and noseband.
All Solid Brass Hardware
*Why don’t we use Stainless Steel?


  • Bridle/Halter with “halter squares” for cross-tying.
  • Caveson noseband WITHOUT halter squares with repositionable cheeks (for those who either do not need or want to cross tie or for short headed horses that get sored by the halter squares). Much like the All-In-One many of you are familiar with.
  • Sidepull style with padded noseband and rings for reins (add padding separately, rings automatically added if you chose “Sidepull” style).
  • Quick Bridle (all browbands can accomodate a crown piece through the browband so the “headstall” part can be detatched with snaps on the browband thus eliminating bithangers) – add adjustable complete crown & cheek piece separately to use with any of the above.
  • Endurance style with no browband. (Just remove it from any one of the above bridles.
  • Headstall: just remove the noseband, connector and bithangers from any of the above.

What are the advantages of a Smart™ Bridle?
Smart Bridle Description, Parts and Accessories
Check out the sizing
One size fits most. See meaurements. You are responsible for checking the measurements for your horse. If the bridle we send does not fit and you need it modified, there will be extra charges (shipping both ways plus the cost of mofification.
Each Smart Bridle is made according to YOUR needs and is non-returnable.
We will gladly make or alter any bridle to address specific needs!
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