Occasionally we have requests from customers for Stainless Steel Hardware. There are several reasons we do not use or recommend Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel is a very hard material. And BioThane is very tough! So, when your horse gets into trouble, something has to give. Instead having the horse get hurt, we have found over the years it is wiser and safer for the horse to get lose from the accidental “boogie man” that holds him when he gets scared. It is easier and cheaper to fix the equipment than the horse!

What breaks first?

In our experience (32 years worth!!, and 25 years with BioThane since its inception) that BioThane is VERY tough. It is rare for the BioThane itself to break. Sometimes where there is stitching (and we use Sunguard UV protected thread) it will give. Sometimes the BioThane will tear at a weak point (like a punched hole). We have repaired more BioThane equipment by replacing hardware that broke or stitching that gave way when the horse got in trouble.

Lastly, hardware is expensive and stainless steel (good quality) is 1)hard to find, 2) not available in as many options as required by the designs trail riders like, and 3) far more costly. We would have to raise our prices and slow down delivery in order to supply Stainless Steel hardware for thoise that request it.