Between legs, adj. from 20″ to 32″
Shoulders: adj. from 15″ to 25″
Wither strap adj. from 5″ to 13″
Tugs adj. from 4″ to 7″
(all excluding hardware (rings and snaps) rings are 1.5″, snaps are (2.5″)

Smart Bridles:
Browband: adjusts from 15 ¼” to 16 ¼” – Not including the rings.
Throatlatch: adjusts from 16″ to 26″ – Not including the rings.
Cheeks: adjust from 9 ½” to 13 ½” – Not including the rings.
Adjustable Top Crown* adjusts from 11″ to 14 ½” – Not including the rings.

*If you prefer a “fixed (Non-Adjustable) crown, measure your horse from just below each ear behind the ears from one side to the other. The browband and crown should be at right angles to each other. There should be ample room for the ears to move but not too much slack so everything stays out!
*Please specify length (measure behind ears from 1″ below ear on each side.) Most horses need a 12″ crown.

See Photos:
Here is a handy and easy way to measure:
From ring to ring under throat to other side 32”
Over head behind ears to other side 16”
Cheek Length 16”
Ring to ring across brow 16”
All the way around the horses nose 1” below check bone 32”

Adjustable Crown

Non-adjustable crown

Crown and cheeks combined, including rings where crown and browband connect adjust from 32″ to 40″
The Noseband (entire length) adjusts from 25″ to 31″ (11″ between cheeks on all nosebands)
The Connector (underneath) adjusts from 5-8″
The Quick Crown adjusts from 27″ to 44″

These Smart Bridles are more balanced and stay in place provided you adjust them to do so. The most common mistake is allowing the throatlatch to lay OVER the cheeks instead of BEHIND them.





The adjustable connector (under the cheeks and going to the noseband)
makes it possible to allow the throatlatch to lay where it should
and the horse is less likely to “slip out” of his bridle!

If you have a horse with a very big or very small head or just unusually shaped
do not hesitate to contact us about making the bridle to fit just the way it needs to!
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