Dr. Jeannie Waldron and Kentucky Performance Products have teamed up to advance the sport of endurance riding.

Dr. Jeannie Waldron is very well known in the world of endurance riding as a top competitor as well as an excellent treatment veterinarian. Throughout the years, she has treated many horses that were in serious distress during some of the most prestigious endurance competitions. Because of her observations on the necessity of electrolyte supplementation in the prevention of metabolic disasters in the endurance horse, she was instrumental in making electrolyte supplementation commonplace among endurance riders. The amount of sweat loss in an endurance horse far exceeds that of any other sport horse. Sweat contains electrolytes, and the loss needs to be compensated for during competition because the animal is working for such an extended amount of time.

Before the 1990s, there was not an electrolyte on the market that was specifically designed to meet the needs of the endurance horse. In 1991, Dr. Waldron developed a formula that she felt would be more appropriate for the endurance horse, and the electrolyte has been used successfully in competitions throughout the country. After six more years of observations and gathering blood samples at races including the Tevis Cup, The Race of Champions and the Pan-American Endurance Championship, Dr. Waldron could clearly see that improvements were needed in her original formula. Dr. Waldron and the nutritionists of Kentucky Equine Research joined together to develop Endura-Max.

Valerie Kanavy, winner of the World Endurance Championship in Dubai, knows it works! “Endura-Max was instrumental in helping our horses handle the desert heat. They handled it even better than we had hoped.”