Worn by the Gold Medal Winner in ’96, ’98 and 2000
World Endurance Championships!
Women’s Sizes XS (2-4) S (6-8) M (10-12) L (14-16)
XL (18-20) in Regular, Tall or Short Lengths

XS (2-4) waist (21″-23″)
S (6-8) waist (23″-25″)
M (10-12) waist (25″-28″)
L (14-16) waist (28″-31″)
XL (18-20) waist (31″-34″)

Men’s Sizes XS (26-28) S (30-32) M (33-34) L (35-36)
XL (37-38) in Regular, Tall or Short Lengths

Leg Lengths:
Short (26″ to 29″ inseam)
Regular (30″ to 32″ inseam)
Tall (33″ to 36″ inseam)
Ordering the right size: Please be sure you are ordering the correct size!!
Example: extra small = XS; in length section, put short, regular or tall.

Choosing the right fabric and style of tights for your riding discipline will be the difference between your being a happy camper or an unhappy one. This is why we’re glad to see that you are reading up on the fabrics and styles of tights we offer. This will help you make better choices!

All of the fabrics listed here are 4-way stretch and were selected with great care to excel in their chosen category to be the absolute best choice in the world for its intended purpose, so feel confident in choosing from any of these selections. However, one particular fabric and style will be more appropriate for your intended purpose than the others, so pay attention to how each one would suit your discipline best.

Spandura (Cordura/Lycra blend): The “best choice” for hot,warm, or cool climates. It breathes extremely well and dries quickly. This wonderful fabric was designed for outer wear use in extreme sports like rock climbing and is very resistant to tears or snags. This makes it ideal for trail riding, or most other disciplines that would be looking for functionality, long term durability and getting the most bang for your buck. It’s also easy care wash and dry with no shrinkage.

Styles using Spandura: Racing Tights, Ultimate Full Seat and Ultimate Knee Patch

Racing Tights (including Ltd Edition with the side stripe): Has a padded seat and knees on the inside of the tight that will prevent chafing and/or saddle sores. Racing tights got their start in 1996 with the American team wearing our Racing Tights for the first time at the World Endurance Championships. The American team won GOLD that year. But, don’t let the name deter those of you that just want a comfortable trail ride. When champions can stay fresh during a rigorous 100 miles of racing, think how they’ll improve your ride.

Ultimate Full Seat: Has Sueded Clarino covering from the seat through the thigh to the knee on the outside of the tight. This suede seat gives the rider extra gripping abilities that an English rider likes while posting for instance. This style tight wouldn’t therefore be ideal for the Western rider, who needs to be able to slide in the saddle.

Ultimate Knee Patch: Has Sueded Clarino Patches running slightly above and below the knee area on the outside of the tight. This makes this style tight more versatile and could be applied to most all riding disciplines.


Nylon/Lycra : A good choice for warm to hot climates when using it as an outer garment. It breathes and wears well and dries quickly, which makes it easy care with no shrinkage. If worn under other outer garments (as underwear) it’s also great in colder weather as well. For years it has been the standard for cool, comfortable and stylish active wear and comes in a variety of colors.

Styles using Nylon/Lycra: Trekkers

Trekkers: Same style as the Racing Tights with the padded seat and knees to prevent chafing and saddle sores, but made from Nylon/Lycra instead of Spandura. The differences are that they are more slick and shiny, which makes them ideal to use under jeans for instance. Western riders, more often than not, want to ride in jeans. If sores are a problem however at the seat and knees, Trekkers are an excellent solution to wear beneath jeans or breeches. Don’t forget that the men’s seat pad also functions as a very comfortable athletic supporter that works very well in an English saddle as well as a Western one.